Amphotericin B, 20 ml

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Product Sub Group: Antibiotic-Amphotericin

Amphotericin B used in tissue culture to prevent growth of yeasts and fungi. It changes the function and integrity of eucaryotic cell membranes by forming complexes with sterols (cholesterol) hence having no effect on bacteria. Cause leakage of glucose.

Yellow coloured, with a pH of 10 – 11,5
Shelf life of 24 month
Interferes with fungal membrane permeability by forming channels in the membranes and causing small molecules to leak out.
Caution: This product is intended to be used in vitro, in laboratory only. Not recommended to be used in therapy, human or veterinary applications.

Formula: C₄₇H₇₃NO₁₇
MW: 924.08 g/mol
MDL Number: MFCD00877763
CAS Number: 1397-89-3

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