PCR and qPCR racks, colour change, IsoFreeze®

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Iso-freeze PCR racks are specially designed for Qiagen® and Corbett Rotor-Gene® tubes.
Maintain a sample temperature of less than 4 °C for almost 4 hours (with lid on rack) when used at room temperature
Gradual fade in colour changes indicates slowly rising sample temperatures
It undergoes a dramatic change to a contrasting colour at 7 °C
Blue rack colour indicates safe sample temperature

Tube and plate capacity:
PCR: 96×0.1 and 0.2 ml tubes and strip tube, plates up to 96-well.
qPCR: 64×0.1 ml Corbett rotor-gene tubes, 16×0.2 ml tubes or strips, and 4×0.5 ml tubes.

Dimensions: 141×99×44 mm
Colour: Purple
Colour change: Purple to pink

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