Bottle-top dispenser, Zippette Pro- 0 - 30 ml

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Variable volume, autoclavable.
All wetted parts chemically resistant and autoclavable at 121 °C
Spring-loaded Zippette Pro requires no priming
Easily removable PTFE piston for smooth action and easy cleaning
Safety pedestal valve allows the Zippette Pro to be turned off to prevent accidental delivery, whilst ensuring it is drip-free
Borosilicate glass barrel, protected with a transparent PP sleeve, can be easily removed and cleaned
Accurate dispensing from an easy to use variable volume bottle-top dispenser. The Zippette Pro has a capacity of 0 to 30 ml and can be used in two configurations: As a simple manually primed unit or, once fitted with a spring (supplied), it is converted to a fully self-priming dispenser.
The delivery spout ensures exact dispensing into narrow neck containers and the anti-drip safety valve makes sure the Zippette Pro does not leak when not in use.

Accuracy: ±0.3 %
Volume: 0 - 30 ml
Imprecision: <0.1 %

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