UltraFine pipette tips, 100 - 1000 µl Volume, Non sterile, Blue

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These tips are made of high quality, 100% pure, virgin medical grade PP. Made in the highest quality moulds, these tips can be used whenever the work demands a higher standard.

Sustainable design based on virgin resins
A wide seal ensures tips will seal easily and consistently without leaking
Guaranteed free of detectable DNA, DNase/RNase, endotoxins and heavy metals
Tested for endotoxin (pyrogen) contamination
Resins are pre-tested for metal contamination
Graduated tips only: Graduations allow a visual check of pipetting accuracy
Certificates are on file by lot number for all test results
Pipette tips can be autoclaved at 122 °C for a maximum of 20 minutes at 15 psi.

Packaging options:
Racks (96 tips per rack): These racks, with smooth rounded edges, have heavy hook hinges that are extremely durable, and an ergonomic snap-latch that won’t catch gloves. Strong enough to be autoclaved many times. The separate rack insert includes a bevelled top and extra sturdy surface for multi-channel pipetting.

UltraFine: Pipette tips with UltraFine™ point feature a thin flexible section at the end that is non bevelled and very flexible. This helps you dispense the last tiny amount of sample from the tip.

Tip style: UltraFine (blue)
Volume: 100 - 1000 µl
Sterility: Non sterile
Length: 75.95 mm

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