Adhesive PCR film seals

Manufacturer: VWR
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Product Sub Group: Adhesive film

These heat resistant 74.9 µm thick films are designed for thermal cycling applications. Polypropylene films are not pierceable. For PCR applications, where piercing with pipette tips or robotic probes is required for product recovery, use aluminium foil films. For Real-Time PCR applications, where maximum optical clarity is required, use optically-clear polyester films.

Recommended for temperatures from −40 to +120 °C
Certified free from DNase, RNase and nuclease
Each film L×D: 135.1×79.4 mm with sufficient sealing area for all PCR plates.
Length with end tabs removed: 123.1 mm

Description: Adhesive PCR film seals
Optical property: Transparent
Sterile: -
Thickness: 74.9 µm

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