Filter tips, Next Generation refill, 100 - 1000 µl Volume

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These aerosol filter tips, with their patented filters made from high molecular weight polyethylene, offer complete protection from sample carry-over. The filter pores have an average size of 10 μm, so even radionucleotides are captured before reaching the pipette barrel. They are ideal for PCR and DNA manipulation.

Sustainable design based on 95% renewable materials - compostable tip base from organic non petroleum resin, carton made from 100% recycled fibres, printing is soy-based vegetable ink
Easy to use refill system - new pipette tip racks, inserts and transfer cover preventing tips wobbling during refill and keeping tips clean
Certified human DNA-/RNase-/DNase-free
Free from pyrogens, ATP and protease activity
Next Generation is a complete system designed with a low carbon footprint that includes the first ever use of bio-plastic (non petroleum) compostable resin in pipette tip refills. Next Generation’s small footprint extends to the package, with a reclosable box that helps maximise storage space in crowded labs.

Tip style: UltraFine
Volume: 100 - 1000 µl
Sterile: +
Length: 88.90 mm
Packed: 8 refills, 96 each

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