Vertical autoclave, VAPOUR-Line 135 M, UK-plug, with integrated cooling system

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VAPOUR-Line autoclaves are ideal for different laboratory applications, such as: Liquids in open or slightly closed vessels, instruments and solids, unwrapped and waste sterilisation. All VAPOUR-Line 80 models generate steam directly in the chamber. Heating elements are situated under the base of the chamber so there is no contact between them and feed water, ensuring long element lifetime and preventing contamination by spilt waste, broken bottles or similar. The elements are protected from overheating by a temperature limiter. VAPOUR-Line 80M model is equipped with an effective air cooling system for liquid sterilisation. This speeds cooling time by up to 40% compared to standard models.

• Equipped as standard with sterile filter for the chamber venting
• Microprocessor controller with 10 pre-programmed protocols (5 prerecorded freely modifiable and 5 protected by code)
• TÜV approved safety locking mechanism and thermal lock according to EN DIN 61010-2-43 with flexible sensor reference probe
• Air removal by gravity (except M models)
• Integrated exhaust steam condensation, water cooled and temperature controlled
• Integrated memory chip for storing up to 150 cycles (later printout possible)
• RS485 interface

Model: VAPOUR- line 135M
Capacity (l): 135
Temperature (°C): 98...138
Heating power (W): 3×2000
Voltage (V): Phase 380 V+ N
Internal Ø×H (mm): 500×660
W×D×H ext. (mm): 840×965×700
Weight (kg): 205


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