LB 400 lab blender

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Compact and easy to use blender, for sample volumes of 50 to 400 ml, efficiently blends solid or liquid samples in any sterile bags (plain or filter bags).

Optimum extraction of microorganisms
Samples are prepared quickly, ready for analysis, eliminating difficult cleaning steps
Stainless steel door opens fully, allowing stainless steel blending chamber to be cleaned easily
Safe and hygienic - minimum risk of infection, no risk of cross-contamination
Lifetime resistant shock absorbers

Model: LB 400
Paddle speed (min-1): 240, fixed speed: 8 strokes/s
Timer: 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180, 210 s or continuous operation
Max./min. temperature (°C): 40/5
Power (W): Max. 300
W×D×H (mm): 390×260×280
Weight (kg): 15

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