Laboratory blender, Star-Blender® Digital, UK-plug

Manufacturer: VWR
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Sample volumes from 80 to 400 ml.

Digital display to for easy setting of speed and time
Two reciprocating paddles
Polished AISI 304 stainless steel external and internal surfaces
Window in front door for observation of bagged samples during homogenisation
Tilting closure with removable front door to make operation and cleaning easier
Microbiological and pathogenic samples can be treated without risk to the operator or environment, by blending solid and semi-solid samples in sealed bags, eliminating bioaerosol production.

Model: Star-Blender® Digital
Motor speed (min-1): 180 - 320
Timer: Up to 10 h, or continuous
Power (W): 180
W×D×H (mm): 250×410×220
Weight (kg): 15

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