Microcentrifuge, refrigerated, Micro Star 30R with aerosol-tight rotor RA 24/2

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The compact Micro Star 30R refrigerated centrifuge is an economic, versatile and easy to use cross-over centrifuge which combines the features of a high speed microcentrifuge and a multipurpose centrifuge. This quiet and smooth running centrifuge accommodates rotors for microtubes (24×1,5/2,0 ml), microplates and 15/50 ml conical tubes as well as a 16-place rotor for 5 ml tubes and a swing-bucket rotor for 6 blood collection tubes. Ideal for use in life science, biotechnology laboratories and clinical laboratories.

Temperature range from –9 to +40 °C with pre-cooling function
Max. speed: 31150×g (18000 min-1)
Timer from 10 seconds to 99,5 minutes or continuous
Saves up to 100 user-defined programs
Automatic rotor recognition, imbalance detection and quick-spin function
Refrigerant with low GWP and CO2 emissions according to EU standards valid from 2020
Six different rotors available
Ordering information: The Micro Star 30R is available without rotor for free rotor selection or as a package which includes microtube rotor RA 24/2 with aerosol-tight rotor lid.

Model: Micro Star 30R (521-2574)
Temperature (°C): –9...+40 °C
Max. capacity: 24×2 ml
Max. speed (min-1): 18000
Max. RCF (×g): 31150
Timer: 10 s - 99,5 min or continuous
Noise level (dB(A)): <56
Power consumption (W): 700
W×D×H (mm): 360×675×288
Weight (kg): 51

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