Dry shippers, DS series, DS-2

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Dry shippers are used for the safe transportation of samples at cryogenic temperatures.
Hydrophobic absorbent material is fixed in the inner capacity of the vessel. After complete saturation of the material with liquid nitrogen, the vessels are ready to transport samples at cryogenic temperatures, without the risk of liquid nitrogen spilling, if the container is overturned.
Safe transportation of samples
The shippers do not conform to International Air Transport Regulations (IATA) for transportation of infectious material.
Certification: CE - Medical

Model: DS-2
Capacity (l): 2
No. of canisters: 1
No. of test tube racks: -
Static holding time (days): 23
Weight, empty (kg): 3.3
Ø×H (mm): 190×407
Neck-Ø (mm): 35


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