Semi-dry blotter, kuroGEL

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The kuroGEL semi-dry blotter provides great flexibility in a laboratory since it can be used for all types of blotting: Western, Southern and Northern. Blotting is fast and easy, and can typically be completed in 15 to 30 min. Set-up procedures are easy and economical with little buffer needed. The screw down lid adjusts to varying gel thicknesses and sizes, while the platinum coated electrodes provide uniform pressure ensuring even transfers.

Suitable for Western, Southern and Northern blots
Rapid transfer times
Uniform heat dispersion
Variable gel thickness
Minimal buffer volume

Delivery information: Each unit includes base with plate electrode, lid with plate electrode, electrical leads, and 2× unit screws.

Model: kuroGEL semi-dry blotter
Buffer volume (ml): 20
Capacity: 4 blots: 80×85 mm
                 2 blots: 160×85 mm
                 1 blot: 150×175 mm
Unit W×D×H (mm)325×250×55

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