Electroblotter PerfectBlue M, for gels up to 180×200 mm

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The PerfectBlue M tank electroblotter is designed to rapidly transfer nucleic acid or protein fragments from up to four polyacrylamide gels at a time to nitrocellulose, nylon or PVDF membranes. The colour coded cassettes allow for easy assembly of transfer sandwich and error-free transfer. The large buffer capacity and integral cooling permit extended transfer times and high voltage/high current operation for the transfer of high molecular weight proteins.

Sturdy buffer chamber for up to four colour coded blotting cartridges, with sufficient volume for magnetic stirrer to ensure uniform temperature and pH conditions
Highly durable, high grade steel and platinum coated titanium electrodes give uniform electrical field over the entire transfer surface; gold plated plugs and corrosion proof electrodes for long durability and reliable electrical contact
Water circulation system for buffer cooling at the base of the tank with effective heat exchanger made of ceramic aluminium and increased exchange surface area to aid heat transfer
Safety cover includes securely attached cables to enhance user safety

Model: PerfectBlue M
Buffer volume (ml): ~4500
Active transfer area (cm³): 360
Transfer time: 120 - 360 min
Unit W×D×H (mm): 290×140×350

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