Gel documentation system, VWR® Basic

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The VWR® Basic gel documentation system offers reproducible, high resolution digital images for gel documentation. This entry level system is easy to use and allows real time images to be captured and viewed directly on a PC or laptop (not supplied). The VWR® Basic system can be illuminated using transillumination from UV, white or blue light. These flexible lighting options make the VWR® Basic suitable for capturing and viewing images from a wide range of samples.

High resolution digital camera with 18 MP resolution produces high quality images with precise band separation
Full PC interface enables control of camera with real time imaging
Programmable capture settings
JPEG images can be saved onto a USB stick, hard drive or directly to a network by PC
Powered by rechargeable battery (supplied)
Using the VWR® Basic system it is possible to produce images of electrophoresis gels stained with many fluorescent and colorimetric dyes, including: Coomassie® Blue, silver stain, ethidium bromide, SYBR® Gold SYBR® Green, SYBR® Safe, SYPRO® Red, SYPRO® Ruby, or Fluorescein. As new dyes are released we work to optimise their use with the VWR® Basic system, so please ask your local VWR contact for updates.

VWR® Basic is also suitable for viewing and capturing images from agar plates of dark, light, or two colour colonies, cells in flasks, autoradiographs, DNA, RNA or protein on membranes, spot and slot blots of DNA, RNA or protein, cells or solutions in microtitre plates and DNA or protein macroarrays.
Max. gel size with hood 200×200 mm

Delivery information: System is supplied with 18 MP camera, hood, UV filter and VWR® Gel Documentation Software. Illumination options must be ordered separately.

Resolution: 18 megapixels
W×D×H: 280×210×370 mm

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