PerfectBlue gel system, Mini S

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The smallest of all the PerfectBlue electrophoresis systems, the Mini S can be used for up to 24 samples enabling short and rapid sample separation. This model includes all the features of the larger models, including direct chamber gel casting and embedded platinum electrodes, and is supplied ready to use with lid, power leads, two combs and a gel tray with an easy to read ruler.

Gel size (W×L): 70×80 mm

Ordering information: System is supplied with 2 combs (6 and 10 teeth, 1.5 mm thickness) as standard.

Model: Mini S
Gel size W×L (mm): 70×80
Gel volume (ml): ~30*
Buffer volume (ml): ~400
Run time (min): ≥30
Unit W×L×H (mm): 120×160×95

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