PerfectBlue gel system, Mini L

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Capable of running 12×14 cm gels, the largest of the 'Mini' range still offers the convenience of direct gel casting in the tray, in an easy to manage product size for reliable, high quality electrophoresis. This system can be supplied with a choice of gel trays suitable for 2, 4 or 12 combs, and an expansive range of standard and microtitre combs, making this versatile system appropriate for both routine and small separation electrophoresis.

*Based on an agarose gel of approximately 5 mm thickness

Ordering information: System is supplied with gasketed UV transmissible (UVT) gel tray (L4) with 4 comb positions and 2 combs (12 and 20 teeth, 1.5 mm thickness) as standard.

Model: Mini L
Gel size W×L (mm): 120×140
Sample capacity: 8 – 100
Gel volume (ml): ~85*
Buffer volume (ml): ~800
Run time (min): ≥60
Unit W×L×H (mm): 170×250×95

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