PerfectBlue dual gel system Twin ExW S for gels 20×10 cm, with casting base

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Extra wide, for gels 20×10 cm, Twin ExW S is ideally suited to rapid analytical separations or large sample separation. The combination of the triple-cathode construction, and effective cooling provides a stable environment for high quality sample separation.

Ordering information: Complete system, with or without casting base, includes internal cooling core, SuperSafe cover with attached leads, 4× glass plate pair sets, 4× combs (0.8 mm thick, 2×15 teeth and 2×20 teeth), 4× spacer sets (0.8 mm), 2× replacement gaskets, 1× blocking plate (for single gel runs) and 1× SpacerPlate.

Model: Twin ExW S
Gel size W×H (mm): 200×100
Buffer volume, gel tank (ml): ~650
Sample capacity: 10 − 72
Unit W×H×D (mm): 300×130×140

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