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VWR PerfectBlue power supply is constructed with flame-retardant ABC face plate and is ideal for DNA, RNA, and protein electrophoresis, as well as blotting and all routine horizontal and vertical electrophoresis.

Compact size, with a stackable case, provides a small footprint
TFT-LCD (2,4') colour screen shows all parameters during operation
Timer with alarm function
Constant voltage/current/power operation mode
Restart the operating program automatically after power outage
The power supply is microprocessor controlled and has four pairs of outlet terminals which covers the broadest range of application in the general laboratory. The microprocessor control can perform either continuous or timed output, and the user can pause and resume anytime without resetting the timer.

The unit can operate in full programmable mode offering up to six multi-step setting conditions. It also offers pre-programmed typical running conditions for easy start-up. It is designed with features to ensure safety of the lab and experiment.
The high current power supply provides higher output current and power (W) compared to the universal model, to support higher performance in DNA electrophoresis, Western blotting and SDS-PAGE applications.
Additional features include leakage detection, over-temperature/voltage protection, sudden load change detection and shrouded plugs and sockets. Voltage or current with automatic crossover, and when target constant mode is set, system automatically adjusts the two other parameter to maximum to allow a constant run.

Model: High current
Output voltage range/increments (V): 5 - 300/1
Input voltage (V): 100 - 240 V, 47 - 60 Hz
Output current range/increments (mA): 10 - 3000/10
Current (mA): 10 - 3000
Power (W): 300
Timer: 1 - 999 min with alarm, continuous
Display: TFT
Operating constant modes: Current, voltage, power
W×D×H (mm): 215×335×104
Weight (kg): 2.1
Operating conditions: 4...40 °C

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