4-Place Mini Bead Mill homogeniser, 230 V

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The VWR 4-place Mini Bead Mill homogeniser is a compact and powerful bead mill homogeniser.

Specifically designed for grinding, lysing and the homogenisation of biological samples prior to molecular extraction
Ideal solution for releasing DNA, RNA proteins and enzymes from tough samples, while still retaining molecular integrity
Offers a broad performance range
Using sample tubes pre-filled with a variety of lysing beads, the mill vigorously and uniformly shakes the tubes providing an efficient, consistent high yield and quality homogenisation in less than 60 seconds. The VWR® 4-place Mini Bead Mill homogeniser supports simultaneous processing of samples in 4×0.5, 4×1.5, 4×2 or 1×7 ml tubes. It does not require a cool down period between runs, allowing non stop use and high throughput. The unit features a convenient front loading design and safety lid closure.

Delivery information: Drive unit is supplied with integrated 0.5, 1.5, and 2 ml tube carriage, interchangeable 1×7 ml tube carriage, user manual and 2 year warranty. VWR® disposable bead tubes must be ordered separately.

Model: 4-Place Mini Bead Mill
W×D×H (mm): 215×292×254 mm
Weight (kg): 7.48 kg
Electrical: 100 – 230V, 50/60 Hz
Run time: 1 sec to 5 min
Sample volume (nominal volume): 25 µl - 5 ml
Capacity: Max 4 tubes: 4×0.5ml / 4×1.5ml / 4×2ml / 4×7ml
Application: Sample preparation, DNA, RNA, Protein extraction
Circumferential speed (m/s): 1 - 5 m/s

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