Digital incubator, INCU-Line® IL 10 with transparent window

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IL 10 digital incubator offer an economical and space saving solution for microbiology or haematology applications. The temperature can be freely adjusted in increments of 0.1 °C up to a maximum of 70 °C. Heating elements are incorporated into the housing base and walls to ensure temperature stability and uniformity. The IL 10 is available with a transparent Plexiglas® window to provide full visibility or a painted, opaque Plexiglas® window to protect photosensitive samples. The housing and door frame are constructed entirely of epoxy coated mild steel.

Compact design (IL 10: 0.08 m²)
Digital PID control with PT100 sensor and LED display, temperature control can be readjusted with a certified reference temperature measuring instrument
Easy to use, safe and reliable
Delivery information: IL 10 is supplied with one perforated stainless steel shelf. The IL 10 can, optionally, be loaded with up to two specially designed aluminium tube racks for vertical incubation of a maximum of 24 dip slide tubes. All units are supplied with a standard test certificate (measuring point centre of chamber) data is measured at 37 °C.

Caution: * Measured with the chamber empty.

Model: IL 10
Temperature range (°C): Ambient +5...70
Temperature fluctuation (time) (°C): ±0.5 at 37 °C *
Temperature variation (spatial) (°C): ±0.5 at 37 °C *
Capacity (l): 10
Max. load per shelf (kg): 3
Convection type: Natural convection
Shelves supplied (max.): 1 (2)
Int. W×D×H (mm): 230×220×200
Ext. W×D×H (mm): 285×280×335
Nominal power consumption (W): 70
Weight (kg): 8.3

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