Cooled incubator, INCU-Line® IL 240CR PREMIUM

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These compressor-cooled incubators provide a temperature range between –10 to +100 °C with forced air convection and fan speed control (10 - 100%). Featuring a stainless steel (DIN 1.4301) inner chamber and a powder coated sheet exterior. The PREMIUM models have an intuitive menu and user friendly software, USB port with flash drive for data download to USB stick and for uploading programs. They can be connected to Ethernet or Wi-Fi network for remote control from any computer and users can receive notifications about selectable parameters via e-mail.

Multi-functional microprocessor controller with 7” full colour touch screen, gives overview of set and current parameters while running
Access control via password login and administrator function to manage 5 user accounts
40 user-program memory, quick and easy change of parameters during a running program
Multi-segment temperature/time profile (up to 100) with adjustable ramps
Timer from 1 minute up to 366 days or continuous operation
Adjustable start delay feature and loop function
Adjustable over- and under-temperature safety thermostat Class 3.3 (DIN 12880) protects samples and the incubator
Environmental friendly refrigerant (R290) with a very low global warming potential (GWP is 3)
All models have a solid outer door and an internal glass door. All models are equipped with castors (2 with brakes), 30 mm access port, internal light and door lock.
Safety features include audible and visible temperature alarms, power failure control system, defrosting function, open door alarm, temperature sensor fail alarm and auto-diagnostic function.

Units feature Premium Control Software and aid GLP compliance with password protection settings, events registry and an internal memory which stores up to 10000 data records for each user (stored for a maximum of 12 months). Users can overview the values on the display or a PC in tabular or graphic form.

Accessories information: The standard shelves have a maximum workload of 25 kg per shelf. The reinforced stainless steel shelves (optional for IL 240CR and IL 400CR) have a maximum workload of 100 kg per shelf. Please note the maximum chamber capacity as shown in the specification.
Delivery information: All models are supplied with test certificate (data measured at 37 °C), Ethernet cable, keys to the lock (2 pcs), Multilingual instruction manual and Premium Control Software (can be downloaded from internal memory on USB Stick). The IL 240CR model is supplied with three standard stainless steel wire shelves.

Temperature range (°C): -10...+100
Temperature fluctuation (time) (°C): ±0.2 at 37 °C
Temperature variation (spatial) (°C): ±0.3 at 37 °C
Capacity (l): 245
Max. load per shelf (kg): 25 (standard shelf)
Max. chamber capacity (kg): 90
Convection type: Forced convection
Shelves supplied (max.): 3 (10)
Ext. W×D×H (mm): 820×760×1430
Nominal power consumption (W): 800
Weight (kg): 140
Int. WxDxH (mm): 600×510×800

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