Stereo zoom microscopes, VisiScope® 350, SZTL350

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The VisiScope 350 microscopes with V-shaped Greenough optical system can be used for observations in advanced teaching, laboratories and industrial applications.

Available with halogen or LED illumination
Available with pillar stand or with overhanging arm
Zoom range of 0.7× to 4.5× (6.43:1 zoom ratio): Ideal for routine inspections
Binocular and trinocular heads are 45° inclined to ensure comfortable working even after several hours of operation
Adjustable incident and transmitted light with separated brightness controls
Models with overhanging arm: These models are recommended for perpendicular observations of particularly large specimens. Smooth horizontal and vertical movements are ensured. In case illumination is needed, they can be used in combination with external illuminators.

Delivery information: Supplied ready to use with eyepieces, zoom lens and dust cover.

Model: SZTL350
Observation method: Brightfield
Head: 45° inclined, 360° rotating
Eyepieces: WF 10×/21 mm
Zoom lens: 0.7× - 4.5×
Working distance: 100 mm
Interpupillary adjustment: 51 - 75 mm
Stage: Clips and frosted disc
Focusing system: Pair of knobs on each side of the stand
Illumination: Incident illumination: Single LED, 3,6 W
                     Transmitted illumination: 18 LEDs
Stand: Pillar stand, (Ø×H: 32×315 mm), base: 270×205×30 mm

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