VWR® PCR Workstation, work surface (W×D): 720×540 mm, UK-plug

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The VWR® PCR Workstation offers dual decontamination action by UV inactivation of airborne and surface-bound contaminants and, therefore, represents an ideal environment for PCR sample preparation and other sensitive protocols. Stainless steel housing, front and side panels made of 8 mm Makrolon® protects from UV irradiation.

Active decontamination of work surface during non working time by UV irradiation
Additional inactivation of aerosol-bound contaminants by shielded UV Air Recirculator during operation
Contaminant prevention thanks to antimicrobial stainless steel work surface
Function indicator for UV Air Recirculator tube
Displays operating time of UV tubes allowing timely replacement for constant UV intensity
Removable shelves provide additional storage space for reaction tubes, pipettes or racks on the rear panel
Four internal power outlets for operating laboratory equipment, such as mini centrifuges or vortexers, allow the combination of several working steps without interruption of the workflow
Electromagnetic safety mechanism stops UV irradiation if front panel is opened
Large area for stress-free working: Provides ample space and the possibility to accommodate bench top equipment, the VWR® PCR Workstation allows the combination of several working steps without change of location, thereby minimising the risk of cross-contamination.

Certifications: TÜV tested, safety certified. Made in Germany.

Model: PCR Workstation
Lighting: 2 UV tubes internal (254 nm, 25 W each)
                1 UV tube in UV Air Recirculator (254 nm, 8 W)
                1 white light tube internal (15 W)
Shelves: Removable
W×D×H ext.: 750×620×780 mm
Weight: 48 kg

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