Drying ovens with natural convection, VWR DRY-Line® 180 Prime

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The DRY-Line® drying ovens are designed for all standard drying and tempering tasks as well as sterilising glassware. They have a temperature range between 50 to 300 °C and are intended for use in biological, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical and physical laboratories.

Multi-functional microprocessor controller with 4.3" full colour touch screen
5 user programs memory
Five-segment temperature-time profile , quick change of set temperature and set time during a running program
Scheduled program start (set of date and time) and Loop function up to 255 times or endless
Adjustable hold at set point time for temperature from 1 min to 366 days or continuous operating
Adjustable ramp times (days/hours/minutes)
Over temperature protection class 3.1
Automatic air flap control (0% - closed, 100% -open, adjustable in increments of 1%)
These ovens with natural convection feature a stainless steel (DIN 1.4301) inner chamber and a powder coated sheet exterior with lockable solid door. All models have a 30 mm Ø access port, real time clock, USB interface (in front panel) to download data onto USB stick and LAN interface. The internal memory stores up to 10000 data records (stored for a maximum 6 months). The range has an auto-diagnostic function, power failure control system, temperature sensor fail alarm, open door alarm and audible and visual temperature alarms.

The 180 L models are not stackable.

Delivery information: Supplied with stainless steel wire shelves, manufacturer test certificate (data measured at 105 °C) and multilingual instruction manual (can be downloaded from internal memory onto USB stick).

Model: DL 180 Prime
Temperature range (°C): +50...300
Capacity (l): 180
Shelves supplied (max.): 3 (9)
Int. W×D×H (mm): 470×560×720
Ext. W×D×H (mm): 650×760×1030
Weight (kg): 86

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