Drying ovens with forced convection, VWR VENTI-Line® 112 Prime

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VENTI-Line® drying ovens are designed for all standard drying and tempering tasks as well as sterilising glassware. They have a temperature range between 50 to 300 °C and are intended for use in biological, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical and physical laboratories.

Multi-functional microprocessor controller with 4,3" full colour touch screen
Five user programs memory
Five-segment temperature-time profile, quick change of set temperature and set time during a running program
Scheduled program start (set of date and time) and Loop function up to 255 times or endless
Adjustable hold at set point time for temperature from 1 min to 366 days or continuous operation
Fan speed control (10 to 100%, adjustable in increments of 1%) and adjustable ramp times (days/hours/minutes)
Over temperature protection class 3.1
Automatic air flap control (0% - closed, 100% - open, adjustable in increments of 1%)
These ovens with forced convection feature a stainless steel (DIN 1.4301) inner chamber and a powder coated sheet exterior with lockable solid door. All models have a 30 mm Ø access port, real time clock, USB interface (in front panel) to download data onto USB stick and LAN interface. The internal memory stores up to 10000 data records (stored for a maximum 6 months). The range has an auto-diagnostic function, power failure control system, temperature sensor fail alarm, open door alarm and audible and visual temperature alarms.

All Prime drying ovens of the same size can be stacked without additional accessories 

Delivery information: Supplied with stainless steel wire shelves, manufacturer test certificate (data measured at 105 °C) and multilingual instruction manual (can be downloaded from internal memory onto USB stick).

Model: VL 112 Prime
Temperature range (°C): 50...300
Capacity (l): 112
Shelves supplied (max.): 2 (7)
Int. W×D×H (mm): 460×450×540
Ext. W×D×H (mm): 650×700×850
Weight (kg): 66

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