Incubating microplate shaker, UK-plug

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Incubating microplate shaker with microprocessor control which holds up to four microplates or two microtube racks. The speed can be adjusted across a wide range to suit the application; a low speed ensures that the well contents are not ejected, more vigorous agitation provides effective aeration across the small surface area of each of the wells. Ideal for use in immunoassays, hybridisations, biotechnology, microbiology and pharmacology applications.

Three independent LED displays show speed, temperature and time
Integral timer, 1 s to 160 h, shows elapsed time or counts down, automatic switch off and audible alarm when program is complete
Microprocessor PID temperature controller maintains precise temperature from ambient +5 to 65 °C, adjustable in 1 °C increments
Temperature calibration mode allows user to calibrate unit to an external temperature device
Polycarbonate lid enables samples to be viewed, without altering internal temperature
Ordering information: Supplied with non perforated tray. The shaker can accommodate up to two accessory microtube racks. Each rack holds 70×1.5/2.0 ml microtubes.

Model: Incubating microplate shaker
Temperature range (°C): Ambient +5...65
Uniformity at 37 (°C): ±0.5
Orbit (mm): 3.0
Speed (min-1): 100 - 1200
Speed accuracy (%): ±2
No. of microplates held: 4
W×D×H (mm): 280×430×200
Weight (kg): 12.5

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