Mini blot, 3-D shaker, UK-plug

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The Mini blot shaker combines the actions of a rocker and a shaker to produce a three-dimensional motion that is gentle enough for fragile gels and blots, yet provides thorough mixing.

Gyratory action for gentle, efficient staining
Optimal pitch and speed for processing Western blots
Can be used in an incubator or cold room
Designed for processing blots and staining applications, the pitch and speed of the shaker are optimally set to allow for use of a minimal amount of solution while preventing the membrane or gel from drying out. Using a smaller amount of reagents helps to conserve valuable probes and antibodies.

Delivery information: Supplied with a non slip rubber mat and two large blot boxes. Two sizes are available to hold blots of 8×10 and 10×10 cm gels. The larger boxes will accommodate gels from VWR’s modular Mini vertical PAGE systems.

Model: Mini blot shaker
Shaking motion: 3-D
Speed (min-1): Fixed 20
Angle (°): Fixed 5
Max. load (kg): 0.8
Platform W×D (mm): 200×165
Operating temperature range (°C): Ambient +4...65
W×D×H (mm): 240×171×150
Weight (kg): 0.88

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