Incubating orbital mini shaker, UK-plug

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Incubating mini shaker with microprocessor control which is ideal for bacterial suspensions, hybridisations, staining and de-staining, metabolism studies and cell culturing. Variable speed control provides consistent, uniform shaking action. The speed is adjustable in 10 min-1 increments up to 500 min-1, and increments of 25 min-1 up to 1200 min-1 and the ramping feature slowly increases speed to the set point for added safety. The platform accommodates up to 5×250 ml Erlenmeyer flasks or vessels up to 130 mm tall.

Three independent LED displays show speed, temperature and time
Integral timer, 1 s to 160 h, shows elapsed time or counts down, and enables automatic switch off and audible alarm when program is complete
Microprocessor PID temperature controller maintains precise temperature from ambient +5 to +65 °C, adjustable in 1 °C increments
Range of interchangeable attachments
Polycarbonate lid enables samples to be viewed, without altering internal temperature
Ordering information: Supplied with perforated tray but without attachments, accessories must be ordered separately.

Caution: Shaker accommodates 1 of the racks detailed or 2 microtube racks (444-0276) or 35×10, 20×25, 12×50, 8×125, 5×250 ml flasks.

Model: Incubating orbital mini shaker
Shaking motion: Orbital
Temperature range (°C): Ambient +5...65
Uniformity at 37 (°C): ±0.5
Orbit (mm): 3
Speed (min-1): 100 - 1200
Speed accuracy (%): ±2
W×D×H (mm): 280×430×270
Weight (kg): 12.5
Max. load (kg): 3.6

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