Tube rotator, UK-plug

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A unique design of rotator makes this unit suitable for a wide range of mixing applications in biochemistry, molecular biology and histochemistry. The rotisserie assemblies allow for mixing tubes vertically, horizontally, or any position in between, therefore, gentle mixing, using a horizontal position is easily accommodated for applications such as hybridisation. Alternatively rotation with vertically positioned tubes produces a tumbling motion suitable for mixing samples in blood tubes. The two halves of the rotisserie can be adjusted independently of each other to increase versatility and facilitate optimisation of mixing.

Adjustable mixing angle changed with a simple turn of the plate - no tools required
Can be used at 4 to 65 °C in cold room or incubator
Rotisserie assemblies available for a range of tube sizes
Moulded housing and rotisserie plates are easy to clean
Lightweight unit with a small footprint for easy manoeuvring and transport
Delivery information: The tube rotator is supplied with a rotisserie assembly for 36×1.5/2.0 ml microtubes; other rotisseries must be ordered separately.

Model: Tube rotator
Capacity: 36×1.5/2.0 ml tubes or 10×10/15 ml and 16×5/7 ml tubes or 6×50 ml tubes
Shaking motion: Rotating
Speed (min-1): 20 (fixed)
Angle (°): Plates freely adjustable from horizontal to vertical
Max. load (kg): 0.8
Operating temperature range (°C): 4...65
W×D×H (mm): 239×127×153
Weight (kg): 2.0

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