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The Thermal Shake Touch is designed for applications that require consistent, precise results. With heating and shaking capabilities, this low profile unit uses interchangeable blocks to accommodate a wide variety of tubes and microplates. The LCD touch screen enables faster setting of temperature, speed and time, which can all be viewed at once. Display features on-screen help topics with operational tips. Touch screen is compatible with rubber gloves used in laboratories.

Easy to use 4,3" colour LCD touch screen allows the user to save, and visibly track progress through the live status bar, for five user-defined programs, each with five individual steps
Suitable for rapid heating, high speed shaking and a pulse mode feature, ideal for quick vortex applications
Timer with audible alarm, 1 minute to 99 hours, 59 minutes, heat function will automatically shut off if the unit recognises an internal issue
USB port can transfer information to a flash drive for data logging, program storage and software updates
Program control capabilities allow user-programmable operation for automated use and memory for five separate, five-step programs. Adjustable temperature ramp rate feature separately defines the heating rates in increments of 0,5 °C/min. Single-point calibration mode for maximum temperature accuracy, the single-point calibration procedure allows the user to calibrate up to six different defined temperatures. Constructed from a high quality heat and chemically resistant polymer, so the housing remains cool to the touch throughout normal operating temperatures. Maximum temperature-limiting function ensures the temperature will not exceed user-defined limits, allowing control of temperature-sensitive samples. A hot top warning illuminates when the temperature reaches 40 °C, and remains on until the unit is cooled below 40 °C.

The unit’s enhanced electronics and temperature sensor provide accurate, dependable temperature settings across the operating range of 5 to 35 °C, (maximum 80% relative humidity, non condensing). Applications include cell cultures, DNA, RNA and protein studies.

Delivery information: Supplied with 1.5 ml block (460-0210), rack and cover, additional blocks must be ordered separately. Note that Eppendorf Thermomixer R® blocks are compatible with the VWR® Thermal Shake Touch. Model with NIST traceable certificate is also available, this includes a 3-point NIST traceable calibration. The traceable certificate includes actual calibration measurement data and uncertainty. The calibration laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025 compliant.

Model: Thermal Shake Touch
Orbit (mm): 3 mm
Mixing speed range (min-1): 300 - 3000
Temperature control range (°C): RT* +4...100 °C
Temperature accuracy (°C): ±1 °C (between 20 and 45 °C)
                                                  ±2 °C (above 45 °C)
Speed accuracy (%): ±2%
Heating speed (°C/min): 5 °C/min
W×D×H (mm): 248×260×132 mm
Weight (kg): 4.4 kg
Caution: *RT = Ambient
** Microtube blocks include a removable rack and cover

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