Microvolume spectrophotometer with USB cable and software, mySPEC

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mySPEC allows you to perform nucleic acid and protein microvolume concentration plus purity measurements.

Large dynamic range (2 ng/μl to 15 μg/μl (dsDNA)) eliminates error-prone dilutions and calculations
Stand-alone 8.4'' touch screen versions are also available
Automated data analysis after user-defined purity setting
mySPEC Twin has a cuvette port so that cell density or enzymatic measurements can be performed. It combines microvolume and cuvette functions with temperature control (30 to 40 °C) and stirrer (0; 50; 1000 min⁻¹).

Pre-configured modules allow for rapid, fully automated data analysis, including concentration and purity of RNA and DNA, protein measurements (A280, Bradford, Lowry, BCA, Pierce 660), determination of labelling efficiencies, colorimetric assays on enzymatic activities and cell density measurements.

Light source: Pulsed xenon
Detector: Charged-couple device (CCD) array
Absorbance range: 0.02 − 300 A
Absorbance accuracy: ±2% @ 0.76 A @ 257 nm
Output: USB
Sample size: 2 µl
Electrical: 12 V / 30 W
Wavelength range: 190 - 840 nm
Weight: 2 kg
DNA: Yes

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