Shaking water bath, VLSB series, VLSB18 model

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Linear shaking water baths with stainless steel tank and simple, intuitive user interface. It is quick and easy to fit alternative shaking trays. Heating element is positioned on the underside of the tank, no heating element in the bath means it is easier to clean and keep clean. Baths have an adjustable over-temperature alarm and advanced dry start/run dry protection. Available ready to use in two sizes to suit a variety of applications including sample preparation, mixing and thawing.

Intuitive user interface enables quick changes to temperature and shaking speed
Discrete, under tray, magnetically-coupled shaking mechanism is reliable and quiet
Excellent temperature stability ±0.1 °C
Temperature range: Ambient +5 to 99 °C
Adjustable shaking speed range: 20 to 200 min-1 (dependent on load)
Display: Resolution 0.1 °C
Delivery information: Supplied with a universal shaking tray (features adjustable springs) and a clear gabled polycarbonate lid. An optional stainless steel gabled lid is available plus a wide choice of accessory trays and test tube racks; these must be ordered separately.

Caution: * Note the tray racks must be used in conjunction with the appropriate stainless steel tray.

Model: VLSB18
Temperature range (°C): Ambient + 5...99
Shaking speed range (min-1): 20 - 200
Linear stroke length (mm): 20
Shaker tray W×D (mm): 420×235
Capacity (l): 18
W×D×H (mm): 335×565×275
Weight (kg): 11.2
Working depth: Min. 60 mm
Stability: ±0.1 (at 70 °C)

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