PerfectBlue wide format gel system, Maxi ExW 'Revolution'

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The Maxi ExW 'Revolution' offers built-in buffer recirculation – without the need for pumps or additional tubing. The Maxi ExW 'Revolution' offers the same high throughput, rapid separation as the Maxi ExW model but, with the position of the cathode and a rising tube, the system uses hydrogen bubbles to slowly mix the buffer. This system thereby avoids the build-up of pH or ionic gradients for electrophoresis of maximum quality and stability.

The Maxi ExW 'Revolution' system offers 10 microtitre comb positions with a maximum capacity for 500 samples. The optional wall combs or casting dams enable the gel size to be reduced to pour smaller gels.

*Based on an agarose gel of approximately 5 mm thickness

Model : Maxi ExW 'Revolution'
Sample capacity : 25 − 500
Buffer volume (ml) : ~2800
Run time (min) : ≥60

Ordering information: Supplied with 4 combs (1,5 mm thickness, 2×25 and 2×50 teeth), lid, gel tray, 3-point levelling platform, end gates, tank and cables.

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